NPA rebels attack Hinabangan PNP

SAMAR PROVINCE – The Hinabangan Police Station here was assaulted by an estimated 200 rebels of the New People’s Army according to the police report, at around 4:45 AM of September 12.  The assault lasted for around 30 minutes, it was further reported.
One civilian, a retired policeman, was killed and two of his children, including a woman, were charged by the authorities for murder and illegal possession of explosives. Regional police officers said that the retired policeman went AWOL and was suspected of having joined the rebel movement.
The rebels reportedly took control of the nearby municipal building, giving them a vantage view of the police station below. The NPA showered the station with bullets but the nine police officers on duty valiantly fought the onslaught.
Some eight grenades were lobbed into the station but all eight failed to explode. The grenades were later recovered by the Scene of the Crime Operatives team that came.
On the other hand, a version on the civilian’s death is that he was reportedly killed after the firefight while picking up “souvenirs”. He was identified as Mariano Abarracoso, 55, a retired policeman residing at Brgy. 2, Poblacion, Hinabangan, Samar. He was a single parent of seven children.
Two others were arrested and caught in their possession were two grenades. They turned out to be Adanberto Abarracoso and Jurnalia Abarracoso, son and daughter of the slain Mariano, who said they were in the vicinity to save their father who was shot and at that time lying wounded on the ground.
They were arrested on suspicion that they were accomplices of the rebels and are now detained at the Hinabangan Municipal Jail while their case is being processed as of press time.
Adanberto was charged for attempted murder while Jurnalia was charged, along with husband Abadiano Roque for violation of R.A. 8294 or illegal possession of deadly explosives.
The NPA attackers were reportedy commanded by a Kumander Abaratigue of the Samar south command, reports added.
On the other hand, the National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas, in a statement emailed to media outlets, lauded the attack saying the offensives were men to “punish the Aquino regime’s treachery in peace negotiations with the NDFP”,
Fr. Santiago Salas, NDF-EV spokesperson, said that they are engaging in peace talks with the government but “it is now a matter of principle and the revolutionary movement is sending the signal to the Aquino regime that its treachery in peace negotiations will not be taken sitting down.”
Fr. Salas also said that the NPA attacks were not against the peace process but merely to air their disgruntlement over the government’s refusal to honor safety and immunity agreements.
The NDF spokesperson said that aside from “military occupation” of barangays in the three Samar provinces, this is also happening in Leyte, particularly referring to Carigara town. By Byron Alcoba and reports from the PIA

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