Cari vs. Malot rivalry heats up in Baybay

BAYBAY CITY – Politics in this city is starting to boil over as Mayor Carmen L. Cari’s supporters and that of her young challenger Marilou “Malot” Galenzoga reportedly had a skirmish this Sunday afternoon outside the premises of Radyo Natin while a paid program of the Caris was airing.
Mayor Carmen Cari, in a cellphone interview, said that one radio listener who was at the station’s vicinity to claim a prize from a gimmick by their announcer, was allegedly hurt by one of Malot’s bodyguard identified as one “Suarez”.  She added that no less than Malot herself was there.
Malot Galenzoga’s camp, however, denies the incident. Alvin Truya, whom Malot said was her official spokesperson, texted in reply to a query that the alleged incident was a “cheap gimmick” on the part of the Caris.
In his text, Truya said, “That “sulong” thing is a fabrication. We went to Radyo Natin because we wanted to inquire with the management on matters related to our good rating on air. We don’t care about other block time program(s). The enemies of Malot are paranoid so they (are) inventing things.”
The alleged victim, Melanie Roxas, 45, told the EV Mail that she had just come out from a relative’s house near the station where she relieved herself when Malot’s group accosted her. She added that no less than Malot scolded her for participating in the radio program, pointing at her and in the heat of the moment, Suarez slapped her arm twice.
Roxas, in the vernacular said she also shouted back at Malot and cautioned her from pointing, which is considered demeaning. Her “impertinence” obviously irked Suarez who then slapped her arms. The alleged victim said that she had to see the doctor after the incident because her blood pressure shot up, and she had bruise marks on her arms. She had reported the incident already to the police.
Mayor Carmen Cari, for her part, appealed to her rival to eschew violence and limit their politics to issues. That afternoon, she said, one Sisinio Balaga, a lay worker at the their parish, was their program’s guest.
He was just clarifying claims that he received P 3,000 from Malot for a church project when all he got was P 1,000. Balaga, she said, welcomed the chance to clarify the discrepancy of the figures on radio because felt the community suspected him of keeping the P 2,000 for himself.
Cari said she is wondering why Malot’s camp is angry at the block time they got from Radyo Natin, when they themselves started airing and attacking her and her family a few months ago. “Alkanse gani mi kay bisan asa mi nila atakehon. Sa Radyo Natin, sa Facebook, nagpa-presscon pa na siya sa Tacloban”, she said.
But the mayor also added that there was a proper time for everything. She said that her opposition, who’ve been tarring her reputation with trumped-up charges, should better be ready because their camp will use the truth to expose them.
The mayor also revealed she is also filing libel charges against some opposition personalities associated with the administration of the “Kapihan sa Baybay” Facebook page for posting a tampered check for P 3,000,000.00, claiming it was her “commission” from Gaisano to allow them to operate in the city.
Gaisano, she added, is joining in as co-complainant because the mall operator also felt maligned at the allegation that they bribed public officials just so they are allowed to operate in a certain place.
As for their last say on the matter, Truya said the Caris are resorting to gimmicks because they cannot answer the issues they’ve hurled against them. “They resort to gimmicks because the Caris cannot answer the many issues they now (are) confronted with. Cheap ra kaayo ila gimmick.” By Lalaine M. Jimenea

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